Common luxury one-story house designs include plenty of large glass elements to allow natural light to flood into the room. Ample space and comfort settings also define luxury one-story homes.. More » Art & Literature Architecture

Two sources for one-story house plans are Home Plans and Design Basics. Both companies let visitors view the plans for free online but charge for use licenses, alterations and high-quality prints. More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance

According to The Plan Collection, a 1 1/2-story house is a house design that allows for expansion of the roof to provide more living space. The top level typically contains enough space for a bedroom, bathroom and recrea... More »

Two key aspects of modern home plans are the "open concept" design, which blends kitchen and living areas into one large entertaining center, and the use of lots of glass to let in abundant natural light. Additional aspe... More » Art & Literature Architecture

Some layout ideas for small apartments include placing a loft bed in the center of the room with storage flanking each side of it, using diagonal wood planks in the floor, extending space by adding cabinetry and installi... More » Art & Literature Architecture

Examples of barn-style home designs include the Sunapee Cottage, Beacon Carriage House and Next-Gen Barn House by Yankee Barn Homes. Other examples are the Forest Valley Cottage and Catskills Home from American Post and ... More » Art & Literature Architecture

The Sydney Opera House is primarily made from concrete, granite, glass and ceramic materials. Its trademark white shells are made from precast concrete reinforced with steel and are covered by over 1 million ceramic tile... More »