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Malignant or benign lumps in the arm are defined under several classifications, Healthgrades states. For example, lumps can be caused by nonmelanoma and melanoma cancers or may take the form of a fibroma, a benign tumor made of connective tissue. Some lumps that appear in the arm muscle may be a soft tissue sarcoma, according to Cancer.net.


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Chien on lump on upper arm under skin: A hard lump felt under the skin may be caused by a number of conditions including but not limited to epidermal inclusion cyst , lipoma , dermatofibroma, or cancerous growth. See a dermatologist for a proper evaluation.


Hard lump in my upper arm; John Hard lump in my upper arm. Ive got a hard 1-4 inch lump in my upper arm about 3 inches below the armpit. It's moveable and seems to be attached to something. My doctor said it could be scar tissue but I'm still worried. I'm a 38 year old male.


Hello all. I am new here so, firstly let me say Hello and thanks to all for this very useful and well-run website. I'm male, 53 the day after tomorrow, married and live and work in the UAE, Irish by birth and ancestry. I have a bit of a mystery I'd like solved, if possible. I awoke a few days back with a lump on my outer, upper arm - more or less level with my armpit but, I stress, on the ...


STS rarely causes symptoms in the early stages. The first sign of a sarcoma in an arm, leg, or torso may be a painless lump or swelling. Most lumps are not sarcoma. The most common soft-tissue lumps are lipomas. Lipomas are made of fat cells and are not cancer. Lipomas have often been there for many years and rarely change in size.


A Lump in the Arm can be caused due to an infection, inflammation, direct trauma, or a tumor which can be benign or malignant. Based on the cause of the lump in the arm, they can be single or multiple, painful or painless, tender or nontender. If an infection is causing a Lump in the Arm then it will appear as boils or an abscess.


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A painful bump on the arm can be commonly caused by skin conditions like boils, cysts, warts, or a skin abscess. Less common causes for a painful arm lump under the skin include lipoma or melanoma. Read below for more information on causes and how to treat a painful arm bump.


Dr. Lori The lump is on the upper part of my right arm. The pain is at or near the lump. The pain goes to the other side of my upper arm, and the pain can go up to the shoulder or down to my elbow. In 2007 I had Carpal Tunnel surgury on the right arm. The lump is 1" in diameter. It feels warm to the touch. Therte are no skin issues that I am ...