Spine-health, InnerBody and Healthline provide pictures of the lumbar spine. Spine-health shows the lumbar spine with labels identifying the five lumbar vertebrae. InnerBody provides several views of the lumbar spine, wh... More »

The lumbar spine is made up of vertebrae found in the lower back, says Spine-health. These vertebrae curve in toward the abdomen and begin 5 or 6 inches below the scapular bones. Doctors refer to these vertebrae alphanum... More »

A pars defect of the lumbar spine refers to a stress fracture of the pars interarticularis, a small section of bone that joins the joints of the vertebrae in the back of the spine, according to OrthoInfo. Another name fo... More »

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A normal lumbar spine has five vertebrae that start about 6 inches south of the shoulder blades, says Spine-health. They curve in toward the abdomen and are found between the thoracic spine and a triangular bone made of ... More »

Some websites that provide images on the anatomy of the spine include Mayfield Clinic, Inner Body and Healthline. The vertebral column extends down the middle of the back region from the skull's base to the coccygeal reg... More »

The seven bones of the cervical spine that make up the human neck are known as C1 through C7 from top to bottom, according to Healthline. The vertebra closest to the skull, or C1, is known as the atlas, and the vertebra ... More »

To perform a microdiscectomy of the lower lumbar spine, the doctor first makes a small incision in the middle of the lower back, says Spine-health. The surgeon then moves the back muscles away from the arch or lamina of ... More »