Lowe's was established in 1946 by Carl Buchan in North Carolina after he became full owner of the North Wilkesboro Hardware Company. Lowe's was established with the aim of providing hardware, appliances and building mate... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Lowe's stores sell ay large range of home improvement products covering hand tools, power tools, home paneling and remodeling supplies, worksite equipment like ladders and safety gear. The large variety of tools and supp... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance provides many home improvement ideas on its Creative Ideas for Home and Garden page. The website features ideas for indoor and outdoor projects, including redecorating rooms, room makeovers, furniture building ... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance
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You can rent stump grinders from home improvement stores such as The Home Depot, from specialty equipment rental companies such as Sunbelt Rentals and from various independent equipment rental companies. Websites such as... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Homeowners insurance helps pay for damages to the owner's home or to property in the home. The insurance also helps pay for costs associated with an accident that occurs in the home or on the owner's property. More » Business & Finance Insurance

Benefits of AARP home owner's insurance include extended replacement cost coverage, new replacement cost coverage for possessions and a lifetime guarantee for renewals. Policyholders can also add optional benefits, such ... More » Business & Finance Insurance

Current and former employees of the home improvement chain Lowe's can access payroll information through, as of 2015. This site allows employees to manage paystubs, taxes and personal benefits information... More » Business & Finance Careers Salaries