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According to WebMD, lower back pain is usually caused by injury, osteoarthritis or pressure on a nerve root. Back pain is one of the most frequent reasons people visit a pain specialist.


Effective treatments for lower back pain include getting rest, applying ice or heat, taking over-the-counter pain relievers and getting exercise, according to WebMD. Persons with significant or prolonged back pain, numbness, unexplained weight loss or other signs of illness are advised to seek physi


Some causes of lower back pain include pressure on nerve roots, injury, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis and herniated discs. The pain may also be caused by other conditions, such as spinal tumors, ankylosing spondylitis and bacterial infection, states WebMD. In many cases, the pain is associated wit


For immediate relief, individuals can apply heat to the lower back for short time periods, notes Mayo Clinic. Heat stimulates blood flow and relaxes the muscles in the lower back. Medications, such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen and naproxen, also provide short-term relief for mild-to-moderate back pai


Common symptoms of back pain include persistent aching from the tailbone to the base of the neck and sharp pains localized to an area of the lower or upper back and neck, according to WebMD. Pain that radiates from the lower back to the toes is also a symptom.


Common causes of back pain fall include mechanical problems, injuries, tumors, infections and acquired conditions, explains WebMD. Psychological concerns, such as anxiety, depression and stress, can exacerbate back pain, as can sleep deprivation.


The causes of back pain include mechanical problems, spine injuries and acquired diseases, states WebMD. Tumors that appear in the back as a result of cancer and infections that involve vertabrae can also cause back pain.


Pain on the right side of the lower back, also referred to as flank pain, can indicate a variety of conditions that include muscle spasms, pinched nerves and illnesses such as shingles, explains Healthline. In certain cases, right-sided flank pain can signify a heart attack or chest illnesses.


There are a number of categories and types of back pain medication available, advises WebMD. The severity, duration and position of a person's symptoms, as well as her tolerance of certain side effects help determine an appropriate course of treatment.


For mild lower back pain treatment may involve use of cold packs, painkillers and strengthening exercises. For chronic lower back pain, it may be necessary to use prescription drugs and surgery when the issue involves nerve or structural damage. An estimated 80 percent of all adults experience lower