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Good ab workouts include the bicycle exercise and different types of crunches, such as reverse crunches, medicine ball crunches and long-arm crunches. The amount of sets and repetitions done for each exercise would vary based on the person's physical fitness, but a good...


When working the abdominal muscles, a crunch type exercise combined with a leg lift or knee tuck movement puts focus on the core and lower abdominal muscles, according to WorkoutBOX. Because of this, a workout containing exercises for both areas is best. WorkoutBOX also...


The Women's Health magazine website has a workout that combines cardio with a core muscle workout to burn fat while toning the abdominal muscles. It is an interval training program a woman can do three times a week.


Stabilization exercises that target the core muscles are the best abdominal workout for women, according to Shape magazine. Ab crunches are popular stomach-toning exercises, but they target only the front and sides of the abdomen so are less effective than core exercise...


The best way to attain a good abs workout is through aerobic activity, such as walking and jogging. These fast-paced exercises are ideal for strong abs because they increase your metabolism of fat. Flat-Stomach- Exercises explains that a good machine to workout abs is a...


Eating the right food rather than exercising, is the most important step in getting rid of body fat, according to Everyday Health. However, Nicky Anderson quoted in Everyday Health, recommends gym equipment known as the ?Captain's Chair? for a workout machine.


The 8 Minute Abs workout is an exercise routine created by a company called Fitness Blender. The exercises target the abdominal area and help people accelerate their weight loss and achieve more toned stomach muscles.