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The super flush toilet is a toilet that was specifically designed to flush without clogging. It is part of the American Standard Champion toilet series.


Never flush floss, feminine hygiene products, wipes, cigarette butts, dryer sheets and other bulky items down the toilet. Flushing these items may lead to expensive plumbing problems as well as issues at the water treatment facility.


Flushing toilets use gravity and an increase in the height of water in the bowl when the user activates the flush valve to move water and waste through an "S-bend" into a drain pipe and out of the home. These simple devices have relatively few moving parts and, in most cases, offer many years of tro


Toilets keep running after flushing due to water running from the tank into the bowl, which is caused by a problem with the toilet flapper, fill valve, flush valve or lever flush lever assembly. The best way to determine the source of the problem is by removing the lid of the toilet tank and flushin


When toilets are hard to flush, the underlying problem is typically an issue with a clogged pipe, low water in the tank or the flapper valve closing too soon. Typically these problems can be solved without having to call in a plumber.


The sound a toilet makes when flushed is usually that of rushing water. Pulling the flush handle causes a flap in the tank to open and release the water held in it.


While there are several potential issues that could cause a toilet to not flush completely, one of the most common is low water level. The float could be set too low, or the flapper valve could allow the water from the tank to leak to the bowl. Plugged bowel inlets also reduce flush efficiency, acco


Steps to take to ensure that a toilet flushes properly include unclogging it with a plunger or auger, making sure that the water level in the tank is appropriate, and fixing any problems with the rubber flapper and lift chain. The precise solution depends on the immediate problem, so troubleshooting


Flush a toilet without running water by dumping a gallon of water into the bowl. You need a gallon-sized container, water and a towel. Flushing the toilet takes less than five minutes.


Low-flow toilet models work as well or better than models that use up to seven gallons of water per flush. An evaluation program performed jointly between the U.S. and Canada proves how well low-flow toilets really work.