Exposure to cold temperatures is the primary cause of low body temperature or hypothermia, according to Healthline. Other causes include drug or alcohol use and medications for issues such as diabetes and thyroid conditi... More »

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The normal body temperature for adults is between 97.6 and 99.6 degrees Fahrenheit, so anything below 97.6 degrees is considered low, according to WebMD. Since hormones play a significant role in body temperatures, what ... More »

A low body temperature indicates either exposure to cold weather or a decrease in the body's metabolic rate. It can also indicate both. Left unchecked, it may progress to hypothermia, a potentially life-threatening condi... More »

Excluding exposure to cold and hypothermia, there are several conditions that can cause low body temperature such as hypothyroidism, diabetes and shock, states WebMD. Alcohol or drug use, infections in newborns or the el... More »

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A person does not have to go to a hospital for hypothermia treatment if rewarming him gradually with blankets and towels in a dry, warm room returns his body temperature to normal, according to MedicineNet. However, some... More »

Prolonged exposure to a cold environment, such as water or weather, is the most common cause of low body temperature, known as hypothermia, Mayo Clinic states. Medications and health conditions, such as anorexia nervosa,... More »

Sepsis is a complication that can occur with viral, bacterial or fungal infections when substances the body releases in response to the illness cause severe inflammation, according to Healthline. The most common illnesse... More »