Professional dental extraction is the best treatment for loose tooth. Pulling the loose tooth using a string or dental floss may include drawing out the gum that surrounds it, which causes more damage. More »

You can pull out a loose tooth using tweezers, gauze or, for added grip, fingers, notes Plaza Dental Group. However, the easiest way to extract a loose tooth from a child's mouth is to allow the tooth to fall out on its ... More » Health Dental

Treatment for a loose permanent tooth usually involves splinting the tooth, which is essentially joining the tooth to an undamaged tooth next to it to hold it in place as it heals, according to Simply Teeth. Mesh is bond... More »

If you develop dry socket after the dental extraction of a permanent adult tooth, the pain generally starts three to four days after the tooth is removed. The most common complication after tooth extraction, especially a... More » Health Dental

Dentists can sometimes save an adult tooth that becomes loose from trauma using a procedure known as splinting, explains Advanced Dental Care of Austin. Teeth that are loose due to gum disease require treatments such as ... More »

According to Southeast Family Dental, the amount of time it takes for an adult tooth to come in after a child loses his baby tooth depends on the individual child's situation. Normally, it takes a child anywhere from sev... More »

There are ways to strengthen a tooth as an adult, such as practicing proper tooth care, but once it is loose, it must receive structural support, or the dentist may pull it, according to MedlinePlus. The teeth often beco... More »