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A do while loop is used to carry out a certain action (the do) as long as a certain condition is true (the while). For example, a do while statement could be used to increment a variable by one while that variable is less than 10. As soon as the variable is 10 or greate...


An open-loop system is a type of electronic control where the output of the system isn't monitored and regulated to affect the system's performance. Although simple to operate, the disadvantage is that the user has to monitor the system's output to make corrections to a...


Closed-loop and open-loop systems are two different control types. Control theory is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering and mathematics that deals with the behavior of dynamical systems with inputs. Systems in which the output quantity has no effect on the proce...


A typical 12.2-ounce box has about 1,769 Froot Loops and 12 servings, while a 9.4-ounce box has about 1,363 pieces of cereal and nine servings. There are about 145 Froot Loops in 1 cup of cereal, which is also the suggested serving size.


A phase locked loop tutorial explains the fundamentals, concepts and operating mechanisms of the phase locked loop. A free phase locked loop tutorial is available online at Radio-electronics.com, and it features text, diagrams and videos.


The Loops & Threads company does offer crochet and knitting patterns for their selection of yarn. These patterns range in type, size, yarn weight, hook size, season and difficulty.


The loop curve in a river or stream is called a meander. These twists and turns form over time and can completely change the shape and direction of the river.