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This a Looker review video. Looking for business intelligence software? Compare dozens of today's best options here: ...


Jun 17, 2021 ... Should your organization be using Google Data Studio or Looker? We look at several use cases to determine which tool is the better fit.


Looker connects directly to your AWS data such as Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon RDS. Show more Show less. 1038 external reviews.


It is very easy to get lost on the marketing and sales pitches of hundreds of business intelligence tools. Using criteria that is consistent across each ...


Looker is a data analytics solution that's helping companies rethink business intelligence & data visualization. With Looker, teams can break down data ...


Google recently acquired Looker, a Santa Cruz-based data analytics startup, for a whopping $2.6 billion. The all-cash deal was the fourth-biggest in ...


The best Looker alternatives are Tableau, Plotly and Gephi. Our crowd-sourced lists contains more than 100 apps similar to Looker for Online / Web-based, ...


If you've ever wondered how Lookers learn the basics of Looking, this video is for you. Check out part 2 of Looker onboarding video.


Dec 9, 2019 ... Before founding Crossbeam, I was the co-founder of RJMetrics and Looker was one of our main competitors in the business intelligence space.


Jun 6, 2019 ... Google said it would acquire Looker for $2.6 billion in a bid to catch rivals in the cloud-computing industry.


Jul 16, 2019 ... ... incumbent product portfolios by snapping up fast growing competitors. ... While Tableau and Looker are considered some of the best data ...