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Longaberger has several factory stores or outlets, and the company also has a homestead store. Longaberger's premium outlets are located in Hagerstown, Maryland; Rehoboth Beach, Delaware; Williamsburg, Virginia; and Aurora and Jeffersonville, Ohio. The company's homestead location sits in Frazeysbur


The Longaberger Company sells handcrafted baskets, pottery, wrought iron and fabric accessories. The company is best known for its selection of handcrafted baskets, which were the original product that the company sold upon its launch in 1978. The company's online store carries wrought iron pie lids


Visitors to the Longaberger Homestead can shop for a range of exclusive products, take a walking tour to find out about the history of the Longaberger family, learn how to make a basket, and take lunch at the Longaberger Bakery. Longaberger also hosts an additional annual calendar of events.


Some retired Longaberger baskets include the Holiday Hostess Shining Star and the Horizon of Hope. Although these baskets are retired, there are sources on the Internet to purchase them.


Assess a Longaberger basket's value using a service like Replacements.com or eBay. Basket values vary by age, availability, features and condition, with some selling in 2016 for less than $20 and others valued at more than $100.


Longaberger baskets are still considered collectible as of 2015 - in fact it was only recently that they came to be seen that way. Older and discontinued - or "retired" in the company's language - baskets are particularly in demand.


The Longaberger Homestead Outlet is located at 5563 Raiders Road in Frazeysburg, Ohio. Frazeysburg is 55 miles northeast of Columbus, Ohio, the closest major city.


Longaberger Baskets has a secondary market for those looking to sell what they currently own. The baskets can either be sold online or to an auction house.


Find secondary market values of Longaberger baskets by using a resource guide, such as the BentleyOnline collectibles guide. The BentleyOnline guide includes Longaberger products offered from 1978 through to current production, along with J.W. Originals from the 1900s, as of 2016. Updates to the gui


Baskets and pottery in a multitude of shapes, styles, colors, construction materials and designs are available at Longaberger Factory Outlet stores. Many other home decor items are also available, including cookware, flatware, handbags, totes and accessories.