To find answers for long division problems, start by dividing the dividend, from left to right, with the divisor. Multiply the whole number answer with the divisor, and subtract it from the number you just divided into. ... More » Math Arithmetic

If the divisor is 7 and the dividend is 84, solve it by attempting to divide 8 by 7. The result is 1 with a remainder of 1. Therefore, the first digit of the quotient is 1. Place the remainder of 1 in front of the next d... More » Math Arithmetic

Perform fourth-grade long division by determining how many times the divisor factors into the digits of the dividend, moving left to right. It is helpful to have an understanding of basic divisibility rules, such as the ... More » Education Homework Help
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Math text books for 4th grade students will contain word problems covering multiplication, division, fractions and geometry. Word problems incorporate the mathematical concepts and procedures that are currently being tau... More » Math Arithmetic

Teachers use base-10 blocks to represent large numbers in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. Students count and move the blocks around to figure out the answers. More » Math Arithmetic

The math answers to all problems can not be contained in a succinct answer. Each math problem or equation has its own answer and must be individually solved. There are numerous online resources to assist with solving any... More » Math Arithmetic

Divide mixed fractions by converting them to improper fractions, then multiplying the dividend with the reciprocal of the divisor. If possible, simplify the answer by dividing the numerator and denominator with the great... More » Math Arithmetic