Long division is a method of dividing two numbers or polynomials by finding the digit of the quotient one at a time, working from highest place to lowest. Hence, it is not possible to calculate non-terminating quotients ... More » Math Arithmetic

To round a decimal, identify the place value you want to round, which is referred to as the rounding digit. Identify the number immediately to the right of the rounding digit. If the number immediately to the right of th... More » Math Arithmetic

When rounding a whole number, it is important to identify first the digit being rounded with its place value, such as tens, or hundreds. Once the rounding digit is identified the rule is to look at the number that is to ... More » Math Arithmetic
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The value of an underlined digit is calculated by multiplying its place value by the value of the single digit. Place value is defined as the value of the place of a digit in a number. More » Math Arithmetic

Round a number to the place value of an underlined digit by leaving the underlined digit unchanged or increasing it by one and then changing all the digits to the right of it into zeros. Determine if the underlined digit... More » Math Arithmetic

To perform partial product multiplication, you use the distributive property of numbers, multiplying each digit of a number by each digit of the other number and adding the results while taking the place value of each di... More » Math Arithmetic

To find answers for long division problems, start by dividing the dividend, from left to right, with the divisor. Multiply the whole number answer with the divisor, and subtract it from the number you just divided into. ... More » Math Arithmetic