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Excess arm or body hair growth, called hirsutism, is a symptom or side effect of pregnancy and PCOS but is also itself a disorder. Other symptoms of hirsutism include a deepening voice, reduction in breast size and increased muscle mass.


Steps. Method 1. Experimenting With At-Home Arm Hair Treatments. 1. ... Hair must be at least a quarter-inch long for the wax to grip it properly. Allow your hair to grow out for a few weeks to a reasonable length before attempting to wax it. ... To make arm hair thinner, you can shave your arms with a razor, though you may see ...


Sometimes ONE single hair on my body is really long.. What does that? (Page 1) - Genes, Genetics and DNA - Ask a Biologist Q&A - ... but noticed a single hair on my arm that was more than twice the length of the rest of them, and was really healthy.. It took a few real tries to pull it out.


I'm sure many of you have experienced this - you scratch your back or brush your hand over your arm and find a ridiculously long thin white hair, sometimes as long as 3 or 4 inches.


I have tan arms and VERY long, plentiful golden blonde arm hair. Sounds pretty, eh? NO. It makes me really self conscious sometimes. I know normal people usually don't care or notice, but it bothers me.


Body hair, or androgenic hair, ... Vellus arm hair is usually concentrated on the elbow end of the forearm and often ends on the lower part of the upper arm. This type of intense arm vellus hair growth sometimes occurs in young women and people of both sexes until puberty. ... (the ability to catch prey in very long distance chases) in the warm ...


Lady arm hair: What do to? March 4, 2012 11:36 PM Subscribe. Have you ever removed arm (not armpit) hair? How and would you recommend it? ... I have thick long dark-blonde arm hair and I like it. I like to imagine I'm a werewolf. I like to shampoo it in the shower and make it stand on end all sudsy. I stroke it sometimes absent-mindedly.


People think arm hair is "manly," but I think that I'm going to embrace it. I am the hairiest person. I grow hair on my nipples. I grow hair under my chin, under my eyes, or my cheekbones, everywhere.


‘Sometimes the hairs are so long my watch and silver bracelet get caught. It can be painful.’ ... Arm hair is a particularly fine type of hair, which we have retained to help keep our bodies ...


This means that the hair has been growing the entire time, like the rest of your arm hair, but simply underneath the skin. As such, it grows "without limit," unlike the exposed hairs, until it will burst out.