Create a lollipop centerpiece by sticking lollipop sticks into a foam form. For instance, a foam tree with suckers makes an instant lollipop Christmas tree. Place the lollipop tree on a red doily in the middle of a table... More » suggests placing a mirror under the centerpiece vase to add a touch of sophistication. Another idea is to create a tropical look with watery blues and sunny yellows. More » Hobbies & Games Flower Arranging

A simple idea for a do-it-yourself wedding centerpiece without fresh flowers uses artificial flowers submerged underwater in a glass vase, explains DIY Weddings. Silk or latex flowers, glass vases, stainless steel washer... More » Holidays & Celebrations Weddings
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Some suggestions for Candyland party props include giant wrapped candy pieces, lollipop balloons, and a colorful pathway. Tables covered with multicolor candy containers, gingerbread cookies, candy-covered cakes and cupc... More »

A glass vase filled with attributes of the featured sport will make an inexpensive centerpiece for a sports banquet. Decorative pieces in the team's colors, such as chocolate coins and glitter stars, can be placed around... More »

To arrange a candy centerpiece, first choose a colorful or interesting container for the candy. Consider using tin pails, clear bowls or baskets that are relevant to the theme of the party or event, such as trick or trea... More »

To make a Cinderella carriage centerpiece, purchase a mini pumpkin and place it on top of newspaper laid across a flat surface in a room with good ventilation. Use white glitter spray paint to paint the entire pumpkin. A... More »