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Self-locking nuts use either a pre-installed plastic insert or a chemical substance applied to the threads that, when initially tightened down, spreads in between the threads to create a more stable adhesive bond than the metal-to-metal connection of an ordinary nut and bolt. Locking nuts keep a thr


Lock nuts are typically used by engineers and mechanics to secure wheels on axles and threaded shafts. A nylon lock nut comes with a nylon insert that conforms to the threads of the screw on which it is placed. This causes the nylon lock nut to grip better against the threads and reduces the chances


Popular types of edible nuts include almonds, cashews, peanuts, pecans and pistachios. Nuts such as macadamias, hazelnuts and walnuts are also quite popular and used in salads, desserts and beverages. Common nut varieties that are less popular are Brazil nuts and pine nuts, which are mild in flavor.


Nuts are a healthy snack food. They are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber. For the healthiest option, raw, unsalted nuts are the best choice, as they do not have the added fat from oils used during the roasting process.


New door lock installations are usually done by locksmiths. The locksmith should be properly bonded and insured to show their reliability and trustworthiness. Some stores that sell door locks might also have their own contractors for installations.


To choose the right lug nut or wheel lock for a car wheel, several dimensions and characteristics on the wheel studs and the lug nut itself must first be determined. These dimensions and characteristics include the thread size and pitch, the seat type of the lug nut and the dimensions of the lug nut


Lock washers are installed by putting a bolt or screw through the center of the washer, so that the washer is beneath the bolt or screw head or between the nut and the surface being fastened. Lock washers are used to keep screws and bolts from loosening, especially as a result of vibration or change


To install power locks, remove the interior door cover, and mount the power lock rod to the original lock rod or the actuator. Push the lock down manually to ensure both rods are in the down position, mount the power actuator into place, and connect the wire harness.


Install a replacement toolbox lock by removing the old lock, inserting the new one in place and tightening it. Replacement locks are generally available in hardware, tool and home improvement stores.


ThisOldHouse.com has step-by-step instructions on how to install a front door lock. Home Depot's website contains a video with instructions for this task and the lock manufacturer Schlage has several installation documents and videos on its website for its different door lock products