Movie schedules for AMC theaters can be found on AMC's official website. The user will first need to set their location to access schedules of local AMC theaters. More » Art & Literature

As of September 2015, the AMC theater website homepage offers movie schedules for individual theaters through its Find a Theatre tab. This links to a page where visitors input a city and state or ZIP code. The addresses ... More » Art & Literature

Movie theater times are not flexible. Each theater in the United States posts times in which movies will begin, and these times can easily be found online through websites such as, or local c... More » Art & Literature
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Movie showtimes for specific AMC 14 movie theater locations can be found online on the AMC website or Fandango. Both AMC and Fandango have apps for mobile devices that provide showtimes based on a user's location. More » Art & Literature

The location of AMC theaters is available under the ‘find a theatre’ section on AMC Theatre’s official website,, as of September 2015. Patrons can search for theaters based on ZIP code, city or state. Pat... More » Art & Literature

AMC operates eight movie theaters with the words "Town Center" in their names, as of 2016. These are spread among five states. Commonly, the theaters are called by a place name relative to the location, such as "Hampton"... More » Art & Literature

Customers can find movie listings on the AMC website by searching for the Woodhaven 10 location. In the Find a Theatre section of the AMC website, users can enter the ZIP code 19020 or the city and state Bensalem, PA, to... More » Art & Literature