Some of the common piercing places on the body are the ears, nose, eyebrows, lips, tongue and navel, according to Love To Know Tattoos. The most popular piercing locations are the ears. Many tattoo shops and retail jewel... More »

The easiest way to determine if a local body piercing shop or local piercer is reputable in the United States is to go to the Association of Professional Piercers website to use its search tool to check if a body shop or... More »

Take Me fishing and provide easy locating tools for local fishing places. It allows users to search any city and state to find many possible fishing spots in the area. More »

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There are many venues that do professional piercings for the nose as well as other body parts like the ear, eyebrow, tongue and lip. Some tattoo parlors may also offer a piercing service. More »

In most cases, a swallowed tongue ring passes from the body via a bowel movement without incident. A tongue ring typically is designed in two parts, including a blunt component in the shape of a ball and a sharper post o... More »

Like all piercings and permanent body modifications, nose piercings do hurt. A nose piercing hurts somewhat more than a belly or ear piercing due to location, but the piercing professional may be able to apply topical an... More »

Someone who has had his/her navel pierced should not go swimming until after the area has fully healed. Swimming pools, lakes and the beach possess water that can be filled with bacteria. Bacteria can lead to infection. More »