articles, and provide movie listings and show times for local movie theaters. Websites of movie theater chains such as and also provide movie listings and show... More » Art & Literature

Local newspapers, Google Movies, MSN Movies and Fandango provide local listings for movies in theaters as of 2015. Some theaters offer online ticketing so moviegoers can guarantee their seats in advance. More » Art & Literature

The websites for Fandango and Moviefone provide current Friday listings for local movie theaters. In fact, they provide listings for local theaters for the entire week. More » Art & Literature
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Showtimes for local movie theaters can be found online at Movie Tickets or Fandango. All that is required is for the user to enter his zip code or city and state into the search bar in order to bring up a list of local m... More » Art & Literature

The matinee show times at AMC 14 movie theaters are subject to change on a daily basis, and interested patrons can look up the latest matinee showtimes on and Patrons can also buy tickets on... More » Art & Literature

Movie ticketing sites, such as, list the movie theaters nearest to a specific location and the movies playing at those locations, including new releases. The movies are sorted by date of release, so new rele... More » Art & Literature, and are some websites that display movie theaters by ZIP code. Websites of movie theater chains such as and also provide lists of movie theaters b... More » Art & Literature