Craigslist has the format for advertising local craft shows. Organizers of the event can list their show on the local Craigslist page under the Community section in the Events subsection. More » Technology Internet & Networking

December is a popular month for craft shows that sell handmade holiday decorations and gift items aimed at seasonal shoppers. Information about upcoming craft shows appears online at The site features cr... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting

Find craft shows to sell handmade goods by searching on crafts event listing sites such as and as well as general event and festival listing sites such as Also search on... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting
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To post on Craigslist, create a free account, sign in, create a post and publish it, and verify the post through the link provided by Craigslist. You can see, edit, create or delete your posts from the Account Management... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To answer a classified advertisement on Craigslist, open the specific advertisement, click the Reply button at the top-left corner of the page, choose the preferred webmail service, compose the message, and then click Se... More » Technology Internet & Networking

When proper safety precautions are taken to prevent scams and unsavory situations, Craigslist can be a safe and useful tool for facilitating the exchange of goods and services in Vancouver. To minimize risk when meeting ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

It is possible to buy firewood on Craigslist. To find firewood for sale, a person browse through the "general," "farm & garden," "barter," "materials," "household items" and "business/commercial" sections on Craigslist. More » Technology Internet & Networking