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November 2, 2021 General Election Candidates. Offices on ballot: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, House of Delegates, Commissioner of ...


After completing and signing the voter registration application, voters are encouraged to mail it or deliver it directly to the Municipal Clerk or Registrar of ...


The filing deadline for declarations of candidacy for non-partisan candidates and questions & issues for the November 2, 2021 General Election is Wednesday, ...


Outlines information regarding the qualifications for Tennessee Senate, first day to obtain a nominating petition, and the qualifying deadlines for this office.


Information for the NJ Voter about the upcoming elections. Voter Registration Deadline for the General Election is October 12th. Trending. Gubernatorial ...


The Texas Election Code designates the Secretary of State as the chief election officer of the State of Texas. In order to provide information on the ...


Every candidate and measure, explained! Know what you're voting for by researching every race and referendum on the ballot with BallotReady.


Reporting Group (Election/Committees). City of St. Cloud Municipal Special Election (11/9/2021). Print. Export.


List of Candidates. November 2nd, 2021 General Election Contest List. General Election November 2nd Contest List (PDF).


Reporting Group (Election/Committees). 2022 Election Cycle (11/8/2022). Print. Export.


Candidates & Referendums. Please note: Candidate lists will be updated on Mondays each week when necessary. November 2, 2021 General Election. View ...