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Adopt animals outside of dogs & cats – ferrets, birds, snakes, hedgehogs & other small animals. Also explore other pet adoption services & animal rescue ...


Providing a safe harbor for animals entrusted to our care. Harbor Humane Society provides animal adoption services in Michigan.


Mt Pleasant Animal Shelter Joins NBCUniversal Local's Clear The Shelters ... Thanks to Mt Pleasant I was able to find the perfect dog for me.


Unleashed Pet Rescue is a licensed, nonprofit, no-kill animal shelter located in Mission, KS. We help pets of all ages, health, temperaments & histories.


I will be forever grateful to them for introducing me to my little best friend, ... “Ring Dog is a local rescue group dedicated to finding homes for bully ...


... you can support thousands of injured, abused, and homeless animals each year! Please Donate. Donate Adopt. Give hope. to animals like me.


Animal Shelter ​adoption information: ... Adoptable Animals! PetFinder - Great photos, stories, and personality descriptions. ... ​Cats at the Laguna Adoption ...


I encourage you to contact me if you feel that you have not received excellent service, or have compliments or other comments related to the service you ...


If you would like to donate to help our shelter pets, we are in need of clay cat litter. Clumping and non-clumping ... Animal Care Society Inc ...


Our Shelter is a county facility supported by animal control contracts with local municipalities and the county taxpayers. It is used as a shelter for stray ...


Write a letter to the editor of your local paper detailing why you love CAHW and how others can support shelters during this time, including fostering!