The typical loading dock is between 48 to 52 inches tall. This is to be able to accommodate delivery vehicles with bed heights ranging from 30 to 62 inches. More »

If the device in question is still under warranty, the manufacturer can repair the charging dock for free. Without a warranty, the manufacturer can still fix the charging port for a fee, or other independent repair compa... More » Business & Finance Industries

Some popular funny home video scenarios focus on accidents and mishaps that occur while people attempt to perform tricks or stunts, such as jumping into a pool from a roof or riding a bike off a dock into a lake. Other t... More » Art & Literature

To dock a boat, attach the fender and dock lines, approach the dock slowly moving into the wind or current if possible, and step onto the dock after the boat stops. Tie the bow and stern dock lines to the dock cleats wit... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle Water Sports & Activities

Fares for British Columbia ferries departing from Horseshoe Bay dock cost between $12.10 and $16.90 per passenger and between $34.20 and $55.40 per vehicle as of 2015. Prices are in Canadian dollars. More » Geography

To take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty from New Jersey, go to the ferry dock at the Liberty Landing Marina in Liberty State Park, purchase a ticket and take the passenger ferry. Although the ferry only takes foot passe... More » Geography

If you live near the ocean, the best way to buy live locally caught lobster is to shop the fresh seafood markets where the fishing fleets dock. If you don’t live near the ocean, look for a seafood monger or grocer who ha... More »