The typical loading dock is between 48 to 52 inches tall. This is to be able to accommodate delivery vehicles with bed heights ranging from 30 to 62 inches. More »

Some good floating dock designs are straight, P-shaped and L-shaped designs. Other popular designs include T-shaped and U-shaped designs. Floating docks stay at a constant height above water which makes them ideal for de... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

If the device in question is still under warranty, the manufacturer can repair the charging dock for free. Without a warranty, the manufacturer can still fix the charging port for a fee, or other independent repair compa... More » Business & Finance Industries

American colonists did not allow ships carrying tea to dock in Philadelphia and New York and refused to pay the British-imposed tax in response to the Tea Act. Colonists dumped the tea off of three ships into Boston Harb... More »

To build a floating dock, combine floatable containers, pressure treated lumber, galvanized screws and nails, and 10-20 L shape braces in a square shape, securing the containers on the bottom of the dock. Other materials... More » Home & Garden Home Maintenance Carpentry

In "The Great Gatsby," the Buchanans' house is described as a Georgian colonial with a huge lawn, French windows and a private dock. The house is located in East Egg, which Nick, the narrator, considers more fashionable ... More »

If you live near the ocean, the best way to buy live locally caught lobster is to shop the fresh seafood markets where the fishing fleets dock. If you don’t live near the ocean, look for a seafood monger or grocer who ha... More »