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While methods for rating luggage vary according to consumer rating groups, there are some luggage rating criteria used by these groups that are similar, such as durability, storage space and price. The Outdoor Gear Lab website also includes the empty weight of the lugga...


Kohl's, Target and eBags.com each sell several types and sizes of luggage from several brands. Each retailer offers bags for children and adults made from several different materials, in different colors and both with and without wheels.


You may be able to find Jeep travel luggage on sale by checking Internet retailers such as AliExpress.com, foreign retail sites and online auction sites. You may also be able to find Jeep travel luggage on sale in discount stores and through independent luggage dealers....


Before buying any kind of luggage, including brands from Marshall's retail stores, consider your needs, test the luggage in stores, and read consumer reviews. Additionally, do not buy the cheapest bag on sale; choose the one with the most lasting potential. Check for li...


Some lightweight types of luggage include Briggs & Riley Transcend roller bags, Samsonite xSpace spinner bags and the Victorinox Luggage Avolve carry-on bags, states the Good Housekeeping, CBS News and Consumer Search websites. Some brands also offer duffel bags with wh...


Items prohibited in checked-in baggage include flammable items such as gasoline, and items considered dangerous such as liquid bleach. The exact limitations of checked-in items depend on various factors, such as the airline, origin and destination of the flight.


As of 2015, some of the best luggage brands on the market according to Best Luggage Brand are Samsonite, Travel Pro and Briggs & Riley. Amazon.com reviewers also give Samsonite and Travel Pro luggage favorable ratings.