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Science color experiments include creating a spectroscope, color-changing Powerade and colorful coins. To change the color of nickels and dimes from silver to bluish-green, cover them with a vinegar-soaked paper towel for 24 hours.


The “Mentos Geyser” and “Orange Flash” are two science experiments that are both fun and educational. Supervision and face protection are recommended for these projects.


Some top science experiments for children include making crystal geodes, creating dyed flowers and creating a transparent egg. Some other top experiments are making dry ice bubbles, making a rain cloud inside a bottle and making a miniature volcano.


Three crazy science experiments involved injecting an elephant with LSD, inducing clinical depression in monkeys and creating a mock prison environment. Each of these experiments was done in order to evaluate the behavioral characteristics of the subjects.


Using gas heavier than air to suspend soap bubbles in midair, making raisins dance with carbonated soda, building primitive electric motors out of magnets, batteries and paper clips and other basic science experiments are all informative and easy to pull off inside the ...


Some easy science experiments for kids include a potato-powered electricity generator, a baking soda and vinegar volcano, and homemade slime. These quick, simple experiments are simultaneously fun and educational.


Non-Newtonian fluids, glue and borax plastic, and cabbage juice pH indicator are all experiments with easily obtainable materials. The experiments themselves are also easy and relatively safe.


Constants in an experiment refer to things that do not change when repeating trials in the experiment. The two primary types of constants are physical constants and control constants.


Making an exploding lunch bag and blowing up a balloon with yeast are examples of some fun science experiment ideas. Both experiments are from the Science Bob website, which includes lists of needed items, directions and a scientific explanation.


Some experiments offered through Science Kids include finding out the temperature at which chocolate melts, how to determine lung capacity, how to make an egg float in water and making a volcano from vinegar and other items. Each experiment is designed to use items comm...