To track live flight information, use an online flight-tracking tool on websites such as, or also offers mobile flight-tracking apps for use with Android and... More » Geography

Three websites that offer live tracking of flights, including those of Air Canada, are, and The Air Canada website also offers information on flight statuses but does not of... More » Geography

Most flight trackers require you to enter the name of an airline and a flight number to see its current departure and arrival time, with real-time updates if the flight is currently in the air. Some sites allow you to en... More » Technology

Travelers can get updates on flight delays by airport through flight-tracking sites such as or also offers an app for iPhone or Android devices that provides updates on flig... More » Geography offers flight status information for Sun Country flights. Alternatively, global flight-tracking sites, such as or, offer flight status information for all commercial airlines... More » Geography

United Airlines has a flight-tracking tool on its website. To locate the tool, travelers visit and select Flight Status & Information from the menu under the Travel Information tab on the homepage. The flight-... More » Geography

To check the status of an arriving flight, enter the flight number or departure and arrival airports and departure date in a flight-tracking site such as or Click Search to view up-to-date... More »