Small, white bumps that are present on the skin may be keratosis pilaris, otherwise known as keratin spots, which is caused by keratin accumulating underneath the skin, as reported by WebMD. Keratosis pilaris is a harmle... More »

According to Healthline, small red bumps on the skin can signify acne or allergic eczema. Red bumps can also indicate scabies, scarlet fever or skin cancer, so it is always best for individuals with unusual bumps on the ... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

According to Cleaver Dermatology, wart-like bumps on the ankle are stucco keratosis. Stucco keratosis are benign growths on the skin, and they are found most often on the ankles and lower extremities. More »

Small white bumps on the roof of the mouth may be caused by thrush, a condition created by an overabundance of the fungus candida. Candida is commonly known as yeast, according to WebMD. More » Health Pain & Symptoms

One cause of facial redness includes a skin condition known as rosacea, which produces visible blood vessels on the skin that elevate into bumps or pimples, explains WebMD. Additional causes of facial redness include acn... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Oral thrush and leukoplakia cause white bumps on the side of the tongue, as stated by WebMD. Oral thrush develops as a result of candida yeast, while leukoplakia is a largely harmless cell overgrowth. More »

Audrey Kunin, MD, identifies the red bumps found on the arms as keratosis pilaris. It is also known as "chicken skin" or KP and most often affects the upper arms and thighs. More » Health Pain & Symptoms