Combining Little Smokies sausages with grape jelly and barbeque sauce creates a simple appetizer. Warm ingredients together in a slow cooker for a snack that travels well and feeds a crowd. More » Food Cooking

Party planners can make Bourbon Cocktail Wieners, Bacon-Wrapped Smokies or Skewered Little Smokies to put out for appetizers. There are many ways to prepared these petite cocktail weenies, just treat them like any other ... More » Food Cooking Meat

Serve Little Smokies in a crockpot with toothpicks for hot party appetizers, or with a side dish, such as mashed potatoes, for an entree. To make a basic Little Smokies in barbecue sauce recipe, cook 2 16-ounce packages ... More » Food Cooking Meat
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A recipe for meatball appetizers uses barbecue sauce, grape jelly and meatballs. Prepare the meatballs ahead of time or use frozen prepared ones. The recipe requires about 3 1/2 hours cooking time and serves eight to 10 ... More » Food Cooking

To make easy little smokie appetizers, pour two 16-ounce packages of miniature smoked sausages, a 12-ounce jar of barbecue sauce and an 8-ounce jar of grape jelly into a slow cooker. Stir until well-combined, and then co... More » Food Cooking

In order to make grape jelly with no added sugar, mash up grapes and boil them in water, and then combine with calcium water and add erythritol and pectin powder, and then boil and remove from heat. It is important to ma... More » Food Cooking

One way to make grape jelly without using pectin is to cook grape pulp on its own, and then stir in the grape skins and sugar until the mixture approaches a jellying point. Other ways of making jelly without pectin inclu... More » Food Cooking