Federal tax identification numbers, also called employer identification numbers, are issued by the Internal Revenue Service to identify business entities. EINs are required for filing all tax documents, including annual ... More » Business & Finance Taxes

As of June 2015, those eligible for an Employer Identification Number can apply for one online, states the Internal Revenue Service; the Social Security Administration does not allow online applications for Social Securi... More » Government & Politics Law

A federal tax ID number, or an employer identification number, is a number used to identify business entities, the IRS says. This number is needed when businesses file withholding certificates, tax returns and documentat... More » Business & Finance Taxes
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To find the federal tax identification number, commonly known as an Employer ID number or EIN, check existing documentation, call the bank that handles your business accounts, or contact the Internal Revenue Service dire... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Every school is required to have a tax ID number, because the federal government sees all schools as business entities. Tax ID numbers are also called Employer Identification Numbers (EINs) and are nine digits long. More » Business & Finance Taxes

Both Social Security numbers and EINs are identification numbers to allow the IRS to enforce tax laws and rules, but a Social Security number is for an individual taxpayer, while an EIN number is for business taxpayers. ... More » Business & Finance Taxes

To fill out Form 941, provide the tax identification number of the business filing the taxes, the name of the business and the amount of wages paid during that quarter, according to the Internal Revenue Service. You also... More » Business & Finance Taxes