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Love white wines and want to try more? This visual guide will help you see a list of white wines and how they fit into the major styles of wine. Love white wines and want to try more? This visual guide will help you see a list of white wines and how they fit into the major styles of wine. Learn. Wine 101; Grapes & Wines New! ...


White Wine and Types of White Wines. White wine can be made from red as well as white grapes, since grape juice is almost colorless after its extraction. However, mainly white grapes are used to prepare most white wines, still. To impact the color of a wine, the skin of the wine grape plays a major role.


Types of white wines. Chardonnay, gewürztraminer, moscato are white grape varieties. This page describes wine styles by variety names and production areas. Any below variety can give dry white wine or sweet white wine. Some varieties can be made bubbly or still.


White wine is mainly from "white" grapes, which are green or yellow in colour, such as the Chardonnay, Sauvignon, and Riesling. Some white wine is also made from grapes with coloured skin, provided that the obtained wort is not stained. Pinot noir, for example, is commonly used to produce champagne.


Wine Varietals A-Z. Types of wine A-Z ... Examples are Red Wine, White Wine, Table Wine, Blush Wine, etc.. Place of origin designations. Designations such as Chablis or Chianti indicate wines similar to the wines originally made in geographic regions indicated by those names. Chablis was originally a product of France and Chianti, a product of ...


White Wine Types In the world of wine, experience is the best teacher (and a distinct pleasure)! Home > White wine types. It seems that it would be simple to talk about white wine types since this type of wine is made by processing white grapes.


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List of 24 Sweet White Wines to Try; Chardonnay. When talking about types of white wine, the first that comes to mind is often Chardonnay. It is one of the most popular selling white wine in the United States. Of all the whites, Chardonnay is one of the more complex wines. It can vary in taste from those that are full in body with hints of oak ...


Since there are an endless number of white wnie brands we will be listing this list out by major types of white wine. Later on we will list our top 10 favorite brands for each type of white wine. White wine is also generally drank with light meals, like lunch.


Yet pinot noir is very transparent to the place where it is grown. The staggering range of wines produced makes it pointless to define which personality is the best expression of the variety. Zinfandel (Zin-fan-dell) Perhaps the world’s most versatile wine grape, making everything from blush wine (White Zinfandel), to rich, heavy reds.