The U.S. Navy provides a list of ships on its website, To locate the list, click on About, and choose FAQs. Scroll down the alphabetical list of topics to Ships - What Happened to My Ship, and select List of Ac... More » Government & Politics Military

The United States Navy has about 430 ships, including those that are currently active, being built or on reserve. This tally of ships consists of several different types, including aircraft carriers, destroyers, submarin... More » Government & Politics Military

The U.S. Navy maintains the Naval Vessel Register, which is the official list of U.S. Naval ships and service craft. On the NVR website at, the ships are listed and can be searched by hull classification sym... More » Government & Politics Military
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A list of retired United States Navy admirals can be found at the official website of the U.S. Navy. The "Leadership" link on the homepage navigation bar opens a drop-down menu where the "Biographies" link can be found. ... More » Government & Politics Military

Because the Naval History and Heritage Command's mission is to protect naval artifacts and history, decommissioned U.S. Navy ships are treated as memorabilia rather than put up for sale. In fact, even former crew members... More » Government & Politics Military

Some retired U.S. Navy ships include the U.S.S. Constitution, the U.S.S. Missouri and the U.S.S. Kidd. Having been preserved as historic landmarks, tourists can visit each of these three ships, as of 2015. More » Government & Politics Military

Among the most famous U.S. Navy ships are the USS Constitution, Monitor, Main, Arizona and Missouri. Other prominent names include the Chesapeake, Lawrence, Niagara and Nautilus. The Constitution, in particular, was one ... More » Government & Politics Military