In the United States, a majority of known and reported serial killers are Caucasian males in their 20s and 30s. Though white males comprise the majority of reported serial killer cases, according to the FBI they are not ... More » Government & Politics Crime

The U.S. state that has produced the greatest number of serial killers is New York with 137 separate serial killing cases. Falling in second is California with 128, then Florida with 112, Texas with 97 and rounding out t... More » Geography United States

In a study presented by the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology featuring 50 serial killers, troubled childhoods were higher than the societal average. Over one-third were shown to have a history of physical abuse,... More » Family Parenting Child Care
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According to the book "A Primer on Social Problems," crime rates are higher for Americans in their late teens to early 20s. Those in the 15- to 24-year-old age group make up 40 percent of arrests but account for 14 perce... More » Government & Politics Crime

Washington state has a lengthy history of harboring prototypical serial killers, including Ted Bundy, James Elledge, Robert Lee Yates Jr., Gary Ridgway and Randy Woodfield, among many others. In Washington state, jurors ... More » Government & Politics Crime

General demographic data for all U.S. cities, including crime statistics, is available at Demographic information specifically related to criminal offenders, prisoners and crime victims is available throug... More » Government & Politics Crime