Fresh Direct is an online grocery store that sells everything found at a local supermarket and more. Its website lists the prices of each thing it sells, including fresh produce, sustainable meats and seafood, and other ... More » Food Grocery

One online resource for making a grocery list that includes prices is On this site, the user types in each grocery item, its aisle or store location, its estimated price and the quantity desired. More » Food Grocery

To compare the price of grocery items from various retailers, offers tools that enable you to compare prices from up to eight major retailers to find the best deal. Smartphone users can download an ... More » Food Grocery
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A shopper can usually find everything on his grocery list available online, but perishable dairy products, bread and fragile produce are items that should typically be bought in person. In most cases, buying groceries on... More » Food Grocery

Low-carb foods can be purchased from any local supermarket or grocery store that carries fruits, vegetables, eggs, poultry, meat, fish, legumes, dairy, nuts and whole grains. People on a low-carb diet have a wide range o... More » Food Grocery

A few ways to find weekly grocery sales are to visit online resources, such as Sunday Saver, or a specific supermarket website, such as Pathmark or Safeway. Other alternatives include looking through the local newspapers... More » Food Grocery

Robert Ingle opened the first Ingles supermarket in 1963 in Asheville, North Carolina. The company's headquarters are still located there; as of 2015, Ingles operates approximately 200 stores in six southeastern states a... More » Food Grocery