Grammar-Monster provides a list of predicate examples, and also gives the definition of a predicate. K12Reader has simple predicate examples. MySchoolhouse shows some sample predicates, illustrating the difference betwee... More » Education

One common English grammar rule is that all sentences begin with a capital letter. Titles of people, books, magazines, movies and proper nouns are also capitalized. Every sentence must end with a punctuation mark, such a... More » Education

The primary meaning of predicate is to affirm, assert or declare. Someone might say, for instance, "I predicate my decision on the belief that John has good intentions on the matter." In this example, the use of predicat... More » Education

This sentence is an example of a sentence with a predicate nominative. In this instance, the noun "example" is the predicate nominative, as it is the noun that identifies itself with the subject "this sentence." Cruciall... More »

In the sentence "A heavy book fell off the shelf," the book is the subject, and "fell off the shelf" is the predicate. In the imperative sentence "Take the dog for a walk," the entire sentence is the predicate. The subje... More » Education

To identify a simple predicate in a sentence, first identify the subject, then ask what that subject does or is. The predicate usually follows the subject in a sentence, although this is not always the case. More » Education

For a sentence to have proper structure, it has to contain at least one independent clause, or a group of words with a subject and a predicate that expresses a complete thought. A sentence comprised of only one independe... More » Education