There are two primary types of on-board diagnostic codes: generic (or universal) and manufacturer-specific. The first digit of an OBD code specifies the related system: powertrain, body, chassis or undefined. The second ... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

To find an OBD II code list, go to and click the Trouble Codes link in the top menu. The top menu is located in the upper center portion of the home page. Choose the OBD II code that matches your engine tro... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance Engine

Ford onboard diagnostic trouble codes are alphanumeric codes generated by the vehicle's onboard diagnostic computer when it detects a problem with the car or truck. Typically, a professional vehicle repair provider can r... More » Vehicles Car Makes & Models
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Common fixes that solve on-board diagnostic fault codes in a vehicle include replacing the oxygen sensor, tightening or replacing the gas cap, replacing the catalytic converter, replacing the mass airflow sensor and repl... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

There are dozens of trouble codes that can appear when engine lights are checked, which can vary from P0036 for a heater control issue to P0307 for a cylinder misfire. These codes that start with P0 refer to power train ... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

All OB II scanners have different specific directions, but on a basic level, they all operate by plugging them into the OBD II connector under the dash of a vehicle and turning the key, but not turning the engine. At thi... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance

An OBD II error code PO171 means that the oxygen sensor located in bank one is producing too much oxygen in the car's exhaust system. Additionally, this error code indicates that the powertrain and engine control module ... More » Vehicles Car Parts & Maintenance