Non-acidic fruits include unripened bananas, fresh coconut and sour cherries. Non-acidic vegetables include carrots, celery, turnips, leeks, zucchini, watercress, chives, turnips, fresh peas, red beets and all varieties ... More » Food Food Facts Fruits & Veggies

The benefits of eating non-acidic or alkaline foods are mental clarity, increased energy and better sleep, according to Men's Fitness. Some experts believe it can also reduce the risk of developing cancer and slow down t... More » Health Nutrition & Diets

In the United States, berries, bananas, apples, grapes and oranges are popular fruits. There is some discrepancy among experts about the most profitable and most-consumed fruit; bananas are the most popular fruits, state... More » Food Food Facts Fruits & Veggies
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Non-citrus fruits include grapes, bananas, apples, plums, raspberries, blackberries, pears, peaches and apricots. Olives, coconuts, avocados and honeydew melons are also classified as non-citrus fruits. Simple, fleshy fr... More » Food Food Facts Fruits & Veggies

It's true that bananas are higher in carbohydrates than other fruits, but the all-around health benefits of bananas make them almost the ideal snack for diabetics, states The carb count for typical bananas, ra... More » Food Food Facts Fruits & Veggies

The naturally occurring sugar content in various fruits ranges from 28 grams per cup for bananas to 1.4 grams per whole lemon. Well+Good recommends eating fruits with less sugar, such as strawberries (7 grams per cup), a... More » Food Food Facts Fruits & Veggies

The grape is one of the top 10 favorite fruits in the world along with mangoes and bananas, according to Top Food Facts. There are more than 8,000 varieties of grapes worldwide. These small fruits are available in purple... More » Food Food Facts Fruits & Veggies