There are three primary classifications of joints, only two of which are movable: fibrous (immovable), cartilagenous (slightly movable) and synovial (freely movable). However, there are several subcategories of movable j... More »

A slightly movable joint, which is the point where bones connect, is a joint that allows for limited mobility. These types of joints are called amphiarthrotic joints and include the intervertebral disc. Fibrous connectiv... More »

Slightly movable joints are also known as cartilaginous joints or amphiarthrosis joints. These types of joints are formed by bones that are connected by cartilage. The joints are only slightly movable and cannot rotate o... More »

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According to Medline Plus, suture joints are also known as cranial sutures and are comprised of bands of fibrous tissue that connect the bones of the skull. Cranial sutures are necessary for brain growth and development. More »

The wrist is one of the most complex joints in the body, comprised of multiple small bones and joints and capable of multiple degrees of freedom, according to eOrthopod. The anatomy of the wrist is complicated because it... More »

The skeletal system consists of 206 bones and their associated tissues, including the cartilage, ligaments, tendons and joints. Its functions are supporting the body and protecting the vital organs. It also serves as anc... More »

The skull is composed of distinct bony plates that come together at joints called sutures that allow little or no movement, especially in adults. The joints between teeth and their sockets, called gomphoses, also allow v... More »