Numerous traditional Irish funeral blessings exist, but they do not usually have titles or names. One frequently used Irish funeral blessing is "May his soul be on God's right hand." More » Holidays & Celebrations offers a couple of traditional Irish prayers for before meal time in English, Irish and Latin. Irish Culture and Customs also offers several traditional Irish blessings, two of which pertain to food. More » World View Religion Christianity offers 15 funny Irish quotes in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Additionally, is an Irish website that offers funny Irish quotes and sayings, while is a humor-... More » Education
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To write a funeral eulogy, start by writing down information about the person's life, including major accomplishments and milestones, the names of his family members and special stories about him. Use your notes to find ... More » Holidays & Celebrations

When writing a funeral announcement, it should include memorial service information, the name of the deceased, surviving family, residence of the deceased, place of employment, clergy for the funeral and pictures. It can... More » Holidays & Celebrations

A funeral invitation should include essential details like the name of the person who passed away, the dates they were born and died, and the memorial service and funeral details. Many people also include a photograph. More » Holidays & Celebrations

Williams Funeral Homes is the name of funeral home chains in eastern Virginia, central Georgia and southern Louisiana. There is also a Williams Funeral Home in Columbia, Tennessee and another in Indian Head, Maryland. More » Holidays & Celebrations