articles’s “African American Inventors Black History Month for Kids” and National Geographic for Kids’ article “Black Inventors and Pioneers of Science” are good lists of famous black inventors for younger k... More » History Inventions is one of the quickest and easiest resources for finding lists of famous people, particularly celebrities and pop culture icons, who were born on any particular day of the year. is anot... More » Art & Literature

Angel Investors are wealthy individuals who give money to start-up companies, entrepreneurs and inventors under an arrangement that returns shares of the start-up or a percentage of earnings, states Entrepreneur Magazine... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending Personal Loans
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Famous African American inventors include George Washington Carver, Garret Morgan and Madame C.J. Walker. Many made and patented their creations at a time when African Americans still did not have all of the rights they ... More » History Inventions

National Geographic Kids is an excellent resource for child-accessible information about eagles. Many zoo websites also have child and family-friendly information pages. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology All About Birds sit... More » Pets & Animals Birds Eagles

A biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. for children can be found at the website for National Geographic Kids. A very brief, child-appropriate biography can be found at America's Story from America's Library, a website ad... More » History Modern History US History

Some experiments offered through Science Kids include finding out the temperature at which chocolate melts, how to determine lung capacity, how to make an egg float in water and making a volcano from vinegar and other it... More » Education K-12