Fall colors are red, orange, yellow, brown and dark green. Fall colors change trees and landscapes throughout the season of autumn according to the temperature outside. More »

Fall decorative colors traditionally include warm shades of red, orange and yellow. Typical fall color palettes are often inspired by the colors of autumn leaves. More »

Earthy colors are often considered popular colors for fall. Brown or tan is a popular neutral or base color, which can be complemented with shades of green and light blue. Orange, red and gold—colors that mimic autumn le... More »

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Fall foliage begins in Virginia when the first leaves change color in September and ends when the last leaves fall in winter. Peak fall foliage typically begins on October 10 and ends on October 31. More »

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A color map for fall foliage uses colors to indicate either when peak fall foliage is reached in a certain area or what the current state of the foliage is. Fall foliage maps usually use the color spectrum between yellow... More »

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Among astronomers, the general consensus for the start of the fall season is when the sun's central disk traverses the celestial equator in a southward direction, normally occurring around the third week of September. Ho... More »

The four seasons are spring, summer, fall and winter. The seasons change automatically throughout the year. Each season is characterized by its own unique weather patterns. More »