Equipment needed to start a radio station includes an audio mixer and audio source such as a CD player, an antenna, a transmitter, a compressor and an Emergency Alert System. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) a... More » Technology Audio Equipment

Several radio stations around the United States use the 96.1 FM designation and broadcast in areas such as San Antonio, Texas; Long Island, New York; and Tucson, Arizona, as of 2015. Each station offers local news, traff... More » Art & Literature

Several smooth jazz FM radio stations broadcast to major metropolitan areas in the United States, such as the Los Angeles KTWV FM 94.7 station, "The WAVE." This station has focused primarily on smooth jazz programming si... More » Art & Literature
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To install a citizen's band (CB) radio on a vehicle, first find a place to mount the assembly and antenna, then proceed to install each piece of hardware into place. Wire the CB radio carefully because if there is any so... More » Technology Audio Equipment

To build an AM radio antenna, use three wooden planks, a 22-American-gauge wire, insulated solid wire and a radio. Begin by building and wiring the frame, create the terminal, and then connect the antenna to your radio. ... More » Technology Audio Equipment

A few simple techniques can improve FM radio reception including having a proper and well-placed antenna, reducing any interference and switching to mono when necessary. FM radio waves travel in 6-foot wide paths under a... More » Technology Audio Equipment

Getting better reception for an FM radio involves turning off other electronic devices that interfere with the radio's single, placing the radio in an area where it gets good reception or using the radio's antenna to its... More » Technology Audio Equipment