To look up an Employer Identification Number (EIN), start by checking a W-2 form. Business owners needing to find their EINs should call the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). More » Business & Finance Taxes

To find the EIN of publicly traded companies, search for it on Securities and Exchange Commission filings pertaining to the corporation. Search for the EIN of private businesses by looking through public company records.... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Contact the Internal Revenue Service to apply for an Employee Identification Number (EIN). Apply online, by mail, fax or phone. Business owners who apply over the phone should be prepared to answer the same questions inc... More » Business & Finance Taxes
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There are several ways to look up a Federal Tax Identification Number or Employer's Identification Number; some of these require little to no additional information. For small business employers that have lost or misplac... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Employees and suppliers generally look up the Employer Identification Number, or EIN, of an employer to verify the company, organization, or local or sate government agency, according to the Houston Chronicle. The tax ID... More » Business & Finance Taxes

A taxpayer identification number, or TIN, is used by the Internal Revenue Service to track individuals and entities for tax purposes, and an employer identification number, or EIN, is one form of a TIN. Many people confu... More » Business & Finance Taxes

Apply online using the EIN Assistant, by faxing or mailing a completed SS-4 form to the IRS or by calling and answering the SS-4 form questions over the phone. This allows a self-employed person to get a unique tax ID nu... More » Business & Finance Taxes