Bond CUSIP numbers serve to uniquely identify a bond and its issuer, and they can be looked up on Standard & Poor?s online database and its CUSIP Directory, LexisNexis explains. Alternative resources include directories ... More » Business & Finance Investing

To look up the CUSIP number of a mutual fund, find the fund's ticker symbol, navigate to the mutual fund company's website and find its list of mutual funds. The CUSIP is listed next to the ticker symbol. More » Business & Finance Investing

To apply for a CUSIP number, an application can be submitted through the CUSIP Global Services website, The application is specific to the type of CUSIP number being requested, be it a U.S. corporate bond, U.S... More » Business & Finance Investing
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Searching for a CUSIP number for a particular company requires accessing either a database of identifiers owned by Standard & Poor's or a service with contracted use of the database, explains Investopedia. Fidelity Inves... More » Business & Finance Investing

Individuals can access the complete Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures directory by subscribing to the CUSIP database via Standard and Poor's, reports They can look up CUSIP numbers throug... More » Business & Finance Investing

You can find a bond CUSIP through a service that accesses the CUSIP database. Some examples of companies providing these services online are Fidelity Investments, Standard and Poor’s and Sallie Mae, notes More » Business & Finance Investing

A search by Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures number allows an investor to find a particular stock or bond, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission. All publicly traded U.S. and Canadi... More » Business & Finance Investing