All yogurt contains a small amount of naturally-occurring lactose from its milk content, but Brown Cow Farm, Cascade Fresh, Chobani, Fage, Horizon Organic, Stonyfield and The Greek Gods offer plain yogurts with no added ... More »

Yogurt or yogurt-like products are found in the dairy sections of most supermarkets, such as Walmart. These stores often stock a wide selection of yogurt flavors in popular name brands. Some stores may offer their own br... More » Food Grocery

In a Greek yogurt taste test done by, the best overall winner was Fage Total Classic Greek Yogurt. Testers chose Fage as their favorite Green yogurt brand due to its texture and sweet taste. The only con s... More »

The brands of yogurt that use hormone-free milk are Chobani, Fage, Greek Gods, Yoplait Greek, Dannon Oikos, Stonyfield, Nancy's, Strauss Creamery and Wallaby. Dairy products are not labeled as being hormone free. More »

While no yogurt is sugar-free because of the natural sugars contained in lactose, some non-fat yogurt brands with minimal sugar include Danone Silhouette, Oikos 0% Greek yogurt, Chobani Simply 100 Greek yogurt and Fage T... More » Food Grocery

Gluten-free yogurt brands include Chobani, Fage and Stonyfield Farm. The Gluten-Free Certification Organization has certified Chobani and Stonyfield Farm as gluten-free yogurt brands. They do not contain any gluten addit... More » Food Grocery

Top-rated brands of yogurt include Fage Total 2 percent and Chobani low-fat yogurt. gives these two brands an excellent rating for thick creaminess and well-balanced, real-fruit flavor. Of the Greek v... More »