According to a handout called "Ways to Teach Opposites" written by Kevin Stuckey, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, opposites can be listed as concept pairs or demonstrated with a foil. Both are frequently used as ways of teaching childre... More » Education

To find a list of antonyms, visit academic websites such as, and All three websites provide a list of antonyms arranged in their alphabetical order to make ... More » Education

Find a list of antonyms on and synonyms on, as of 2015. provides a list of common words and their antonyms. allows visitors to enter words into a se... More » Education Homework Help Reference Books

Up and down, short and tall, on and off, open and close, and stop and go are examples of antonym pairs, or opposites. A word has an antonym when it occupies an extreme, such as "hot." Some words do not have antonyms, suc... More »

"On and off," "front and back," and "happy and sad" are common examples of antonyms or opposites. Some words have more than one opposite. For example, both "little" and "small" are antonyms of "big," and the opposite of ... More » Education

Sagittarius women and Capricorn men are opposites in many ways. Sagittarius women are spontaneous and impatient, while Capricorn men tend to be serious and traditional. The couple may not experience deep chemistry or com... More »

Some pairs of antonyms, or words with opposite meanings, include "happy" and "sad," "awake" and "asleep," "fat" and "thin," "light" and "heavy," and "light" and "dark." The antonym of "antonym" is "synonym," the term for... More »