Charity Navigator and GuideStar research and evaluate charities based on financial health and accountability, listing top-rated charities in dozens of categories. The IRS provides Select Check to search for legitimate ch... More » Government & Politics Social Services offers a list of the top 100 charities in the United States, ranked by total giving. provides a list of 100 large top-rated charities. More » Business & Finance

United Way of the National Capital Area has a list of United Way charities on its website. The list is arranged alphabetically and includes links to more information about each charity and how to donate online. More » Business & Finance
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Operation Smile is a legitimate charity registered with the Internal Revenue Service, and it meets a majority of the Better Business Bureau's charity accountability standards in the categories of governance, effectivenes... More » Government & Politics Social Services

Charity effectiveness is evaluated in two prime areas, the financial strength of the charity and its transparency and accountability. The financial strength of a charity includes its effectiveness in meeting its financia... More » Business & Finance

Charity Navigator lists Carnegie Mellon University, Compassion International and the Carnegie Institution for Science as three of the more consistently high-ranked charities. Additional high-ranking charities include Bro... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Organizations such as Charity Watch, Charity Navigator, and the American Institute of Philanthropy rank charities, including veterans charities, by analyzing the percentage of donations used to support a charity's progra... More » Business & Finance