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After this, the lip is fixed by the special retainer and sharply perforated by a 14-gauge needle. Then, the jewelry is inserted. When the procedure is done, the wound should be disinfected and you must get the lip piercing care instructions from your piercing master. To get more information on the lip piercing procedure, watch the videos:


How to Take Care of a Lip Piercing. Taking proper care of any new piercing is important to avoid infections and ensure proper healing. Lip and other oral piercings need special attention, because bacteria in and around the mouth can...


A lip piercing is a type of body piercing that penetrates the lips or the area surrounding the lips, which can be pierced in a variety of ways as you can see below. Lip piercings are a common practice in many parts of the world. In some parts of Africa, it is common for lip piercings to be done on young men who become of age after getting initiated.


How to Pierce Your Own Lip. Self-piercing is cheap and easy, but can be incredibly dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Although seeking professional help is always recommended, certain places are safer to self-pierce than...


Lip Ring Aftercare & Irritations - advice. Nowadays, lip piercing is becoming very popular. Girls use it for a body decoration, a fashion detail etc. This type of piercing usually takes six to eight weeks to heal properly. Not taking care of the piercing properly prolongs the healing period. Taking care of a lip ring after the healing period is ...


Lip Piercing aftercare tips you will be on the way to proudly showing off your lip piercing to the world! Dipping swab cotton in water and applying a small drop of antibacterial soap can also go a long way in making the piercing heal faster.


In this lip piercing care guide, we'll teach you how to choose a good starter lip ring, proper lip piercing aftercare, how to identify and address different types of lip piercing problems, when it's safe to change your jewelry for the first time, and more. Before You Get a Lip Piercing...


A pierced lip may be stylish, but it is also prone to the risk of infections. Areas around the mouth are delicate and can easily get inflamed. Without maintaining proper hygiene, body piercings and tattoos can easily cause health problems. For instance, you can easily get an infected lip piercing if you do not maintain …


After this, the lip should be fixed with a clamp and perforated by a 14 gauge needle in the direction from the outside to inside. Then, the small and tiny jewelry is inserted. Now, the Ashley lip piercing is done! However, you would still need to get precise instructions on the aftercare to avoid possible complications.


It’s a keychain chapstick holder pattern and I think you’re going to love it! Keep this handy thing on your keychain so that your chapstick or lip balm or lipstick is always ready for you! ... Keychain ring; Chapstick . Sewing Instructions: