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As of July 2015 a popular sheet set at Target is the Room Essentials Easy Care Sheet Set, which comes with two pillowcases, one flat sheet and one fitted sheet. Another popular option is the Threshold 300 Thread Count Organic Cotton Sheet Set.


Martha Stewart recommends washing linen pants in cold water only. You should preferably do this by hand, rather than using a washing machine.


Styles of men's linen shirts include short- and long-sleeve dress shirts, T-shirts and knitwear. Multiple fits and styles are available within each category. Although linen tends to be worn with casual outfits, some linen options also work in formal settings.


Some benefits of using a commercial linen service include time and money savings, better quality results, code compliance and inventory management. A variety of businesses can benefit from linen services, such as small inns, restaurants, housekeeping companies and health care facilities.


Mary Marlowe Leverette at About.com explains that caring for linen involves washing it in warm or cold water and also rinsing it only in cold water. She also states that the proper way to clean a linen tablecloth depends upon the type of fabric and the type of stain involved.


A neat, well-ordered linen closet is an asset to any household. Expertly organize your linen closet in 2 to 4 hours with cleaning supplies; contact paper or paint and a paintbrush; a utility hook; a screwdriver; and a labeler.


Linen made of natural fibers usually shrinks between 4 and 10 percent when washed for the first time. If the linen is washed or dried at high temperatures, the amount of shrinkage may exceed 10 percent.


Highly rated table linen brands include Wamsutta, Origins and Lenox. As of 2015, these brands are available at Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's and online at Amazon.com.


The proper way to clean fabrics depends on the fibers from which they are made, any pre-treatments by the manufacturer and the potential for color bleed. The best way to clean many fabrics is in the washing machine, but other fabrics require the special techniques used by professional cleaners.


Some styles of Mexican table linens include pastoral and picturesque linens that feature flowers and other arboreal elements. Other Mexican table linens contain one large picture that is framed between borders and other repeating systems that highlight the scene within. Some Mexican table linens use